The urgency of a culture of care

“Lack of care is one of the great problems of our world, and without care we will not survive either as humanity or as a habitable planet. It is urgent to recover a culture of care in all its meanings: self-care, caring for others (especially the most vulnerable) and caring for the planet and its rich biodiversity. “


“To live and celebrate the Easter Triduum in a climate of prayer and silence, in contact with nature, opening us to the reality of the world, where today the mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus continues.”
In the celebrations of these days we will join the religious community of the Convent of Bérriz. Open to families with children.

At Barnezabal Elkargunea we offer:

  • Days of prayer, Spiritual exercises, programs for one day, all throughout the year. 2016-2017 activities PDF download
  • Groups who want to come and deepen their spirituality and plan their own activities.
  • Availability for meetings and/or conventions. There is an auditorium which holds 100 persons, with equipment for simultaneous translation, other meeting rooms, dining room.